Star Trek Fan Fiction

We have several stand-alone stories, and a set of connected ones called the Mistral stories. Within that set, “Career Decisions” sets up the premise for the series — so read that one first. The other stories in the series can be read in any order.


In Your Dreams (Pat; ST:TNG) The Enterprise ferries members of an alien race to a conference. A healing ceremony performed by the Kovadi unexpectedly affects Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher, causing them to re-evaluate their relationship.

River of Dreams (Pat; ST:TNG) Takes the premise of “In Your Dreams,” but adds a rivalry between the Kovadi and the Ensari, a mystery as someone attempts to sabotage the conference, and somewhat less focus on the Picard/Crusher relationship.

Gut Level Reactions (Ron; ST:TNG) The Enterprise crew experiences a rash of highly stimulating memories. Does an explanation lie on the unexplored planet below? (2nd place winner in Picard/Crusher category of the 2006 ASC Awards)

The following two stories are written in screenplay form. The DS9 one was submitted to Paramount but was not selected. Submissions for Voyager were closed just as the screenplay was finished.

Prime Directive (Ron; ST:DS9) A political group invades DS9, protesting Federation policies on the Prime Directive. Although a nuisance, the group seems to be harmless enough … at first.

The Doldrums (Ron; ST:Voyager) After entering a star desert, Voyager’s crew begins feeling a deep sense of loneliness and despair. Is it the isolation of the sparse region they’ve entered, or something else?


Career Decisions (Ron; ST:TNG/Mistral) Five years after the events of ST:Nemesis, the careers of the Enterprise crew are taking them in different directions. Flashbacks to their last mission together alternate with preparations for their new assignments … and a surprising turn of events that sets an unexpected course for Crusher and Picard.

Would You? (Pat; ST:TNG/Mistral) Crusher and Picard visit Eebron, a world gifted with an unusual ability, but facing what may be the end of their civilization.

Touching (Ron; ST:TNG/Mistral) Crusher and Picard meet the Kiyaadi, a race whose physical touch is poisonous to one another. Simple actions that humans take for granted inspire fear and awe in these new friends, and they in turn cause our heroes to rethink what is important.

Pirates of the Holodeck: Being the True and Scandalous Tale of The Grievous and Most Egregious Acts of The Notorious Buccaneer Known as Jamaica Jonny Picard And His Pursuit of the Infamous Port Royal Harlot Crusher Red (Ron; ST:TNG/Mistral) Set sail for a bit of swashbuckling recreation with Picard and Crusher’s alter egos.

Tin Can (Pat; ST:TNG/Mistral) On their journey to return to Federation space, Crusher and Picard encounter a huge, automated recycling center. Can they escape before Mistral becomes just another tin can?

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