Picard / Crusher Fiction by Pat  & Ron
Welcome to our collection of Picard/Crusher stories.   We have several stand-alone stories (the first ones on the list) and a series of interconnected ones.   (Well, technically, the Pirates of the Holodeck stories are part of the Mistral seriess, but they could happen on any holodeck anytime ... and are really just an excuse to take our favorite characters to a new setting!)

Mistral Stories:

These stories are set several years after the events in
ST:Nemesis. Ambassador Jean-Luc Picard and Captain Beverly Crusher find themselves at a distant edge of the Alpha quadrant aboard the  ambassador's diplomatic sloop, Mistral.  (How they came to be there is told in "Career Decisions.")  They face a journey of eight-plus years to return to the Federation.   The stories in the series chronicle their adventures as they make their way home. 

My husband and I write these stories as gifts for each other.  We hope you enjoy them, and welcome any constructive comments from other fans. 

Links to stories:
Gut Level Reactions
(2nd place,  P/C Fiction, 2006 ASC awards)
Pirates of the Holodeck
An Emerald as Big as the Sea
(Pirates of the Holodeck 2)
In Your Dreams
Stories in the Mistral series:
Career Decisions, part 1
Career Decisions, part 2
Career Decisions, part 3
Would You?  part 1
Would You? part 2
Would You?  part 3
Would You?  part 4
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